Top 10 Rip Off Schemes

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Top 10 Rip off Schemes




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1.  Fake Foreclosure Prevention:  

Scammers pressure the homeowner for fees under the guise that they can negotiate with lenders on behalf of the homeowner. This is FALSE.


2.  Phony Debt Consolidation

Although debt consolidation will give you one payment instead of many, it will NOT wipe out what is owed.  


3.  Unscrupulous Employment Agencies

Stay away from employment agencies that GUARANTEE a job.

Watch out for those that charge up front fees.

In New York, call 311 to find out if an agency is licensed.


4.  Online Job Scams

Watch for online-only job postings that want your Social Security number or want you to pay a “background check” fee.  

Scammers may use legitimate job search sites like Monster.com, or Careerbuilder.com all in a ruse to get your information.


5.  Work-@-Home Frauds

Unsolicited pitches to make big money working from home usually have a catch.  If a con artist sends a check as upfront payment, watch out because he or she can use it to JACK your bank account info and the check is likely to bounce.


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6.  Bogus “Going out of Business” Sales

A store needs a SPECIAL LICENSE from the Department of Consumer Affairs to hold a “going out of business” or “liquidation” sale. If they do not have one then the authenticity of the sale is in question.


7.  Rent-to-own Rip-offs

Renting unaffordable furniture is almost always a bad deal.

Low monthly payments add up to two or three times the upfront price.

However, missing one payment could still result in loss of furniture item.


8.  Sleazy Debt Collectors

A debt collector can ONLY call between 8AM and 9PM and no more than TWICE a week.

They CANNOT harass your employer, threaten violence, swear or make false statements.

You have the right to QUESTION any debt.

In New York, if a collector does not follow the rules call 311.


9.  Credit Counseling Scams

Reputable credit counselors do not charge high upfront or monthly fees,

or pressure you for credit card and bank account numbers.

Ask questions and read the fine print.


10. Tax Refund Loans.

They are legal, but usually a rip-off charging outrageous interest rates just to get your own money a few weeks early. 



*Taken from the Daily News.




New York City Department of Consumer Affairs

New York State Consumer Protection Bureau

Better Business Bureau




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Interview with Faith Evans and Jamal Woolard on the movie NOTORIOUS.

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Is Obama Working For The Devil?



 “Obama is being used as a tool of the White Man for whatever purpose he sees fit. Poor little brother Obama is being used to get black people on the roller coster ride of false hope and disappointment. The White man will soon use the black candidate [Obama] to incite civl racial unrest.”


Rock Star President Barack Obama is Hiring

Even with the economy in a nose dive, Rock Star President Barack Obama is Hiring

Barack Obama is Hiring

Obama has some 7000 positions to fill in his new cabinet, and everybody wants a job.  If you start out now, perhaps you too can be a part of the change program.  

According to The Daily News, “the frontrunner for attorney general is Eric Holder, a Bronx born, Queens-bred veteran prosecutor who’d be the first African-American to lead the Justice Department.”   … and that would be great. If we could get a brother in the top prosecutor spot then @ 12% of the population then maybe we can stop being “profiled” more than half the time. 

The word is, Barack offered Hillary Clinton the Secretary of State position but thats a bit dicey.  This could be a conflict of interest with her husband former president Bill Clintons undisclosed business deals in the international terrain.  We’ll see how that goes.  We all know how slippery those Clintons can be.  They lost their ghetto passes during the race with that disrespectful jab @ Martin Luther the King so now they have to earn neighborhood clearance all over again.  

Guess who else is looking to catch a ride on the Obama bandwagon, Tom Brokaw!  You know the white people did him REAL durrty.  He probably wants some get back…

For example: on November 17, 2008 “The Colbert Report” 

The Colbert Report

And If you can’t get a job with Obama all is not lost.  Step yo game up and start that small business.  All you need is a couple of t-shirts, some iron on prints, and a can do attitude.  Any corner in America will suffice.  Start today.

We Can Do it!  Yes We Can!

Lewis Black on \"Obamabillia\"

On Centrals  “Back In Black” Lewis Black berates Americans for attempting  to capitalize off of the novelty of the first black president.   He calls it Obamabillia.


Review: When the Levees Broke: A Requiem in Four Acts by Spike Lee

Review:  When the Levees Broke: A Requiem in Four Acts by Spike Lee

Director Spike Lees documentary on Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath premiered on HBO Monday and Tuesday nights.  The documentary was broken down into four acts.  The first two premiered on Monday and the second two premiered on Tuesday.

The first act covered the days leading up to the hurricane and the hurricane itself.  Act two touched on the flooding and the week following.  Act three covered the resulting short term affects of the flood on New Orleanians and how they were treated as evacuees.  The final act examines the long term ramifications and the politics of rebuilding New Orleans from the natural disaster.  

As expected, Spike delves headlong into the difficult subject matter and sheds light on many false rumors. Using a variety of first hand accounts and footage, Spike takes us into the eye of the storm so to speak.  Rarely was Spikes voice heard and some argue that that is a good thing.  Spike allowed each presenter to speak their own truth and it was very enlightening. 

The rumor that little girls were getting raped in the Superdome was started by a misinformed police chief who later apologized for causing such a stir.  According to several witnesses neighboring parish deputies did in fact prevent those seeking refuge from the flooded city from entering their towns with armed road blocks.  After the levees broke New Orleans was underwater for a week before authorities took notice.  It was suggested that the mayor of New Orleans and the governor of Louisiana were political rivals this coupled with FEMA bumbling caused a severe backup in government response time.  The Bush family didnt get to Louisiana until 15 days after the disaster and when they did they said that the refugees were better off now than they were before. 

It was a powerful and gut wrenching pieceAs Spike is known for.  The pain of the New Orleans experience was evident throughout the documentary as countless residents tried to tell their stories without weeping and it was a soul searing cry of pain, hopelessness, and despair.  The cry of the wrongly titled refugee, one with no home

The documentary shows us how far we have come in America.  From slave nigger to house negro from colored coon to black boy and from African-American back to my  nigga.  We are still less than animals in America.  It took the Bush administration two weeks to get to New Orleans while people were dying on highway overpasses and on top of roofs attempting to escape from the deadly water.  Other countries got to Louisiana before our country did.  The image of the Canadian Mounties coming to the rescue while US forces were not to be seen was particularly striking.  Some places didnt receive aid for 4-6 months.  Then they gave the people one way tickets without return dates.  There are New Orleanieas all over the country who have no desire to return to their home due to such improper treatment.  While others simply do not have the resources to do so.

As many in the film one can not help but ask how can America treat its own tax paying law abiding citizens that way?

The insurance companies are denying claims on technicalities and screwing the people out of their money.  One of the actors told a story about his father coming home and being devastated at what he saw.  The actor could barely make it through the story without choking up.  It was heart wrenching.  He then goes on to say directly you are not in good hands with Allstate. An American Company.

The one thing major thing that I gathered from Spikes current piece is this has got to stop.  We as American Citizens have to act now.  This is our last chance before the Bush Administration does something else crazy like declare martial law.  If that happens then all of our rights will be suspended and we will become a military state.  Once it is a military state then everyone will have a curfew.  All of our movements will be regulated.  All of our actions will be monitored.  We will be told what to say and what not to say.  Who to talk to and who we shouldnt be seen with.

Although it may not seem like it, we are still in a democracy.  The reason why it doesnt work is that we dont vote.  Voting forces the government to listen to our voices and our issues.  When we chose not to exercise our right to vote then the government listens to people with big bucks who lobby for their own selfish interests and dump oil in our lawns.

Spikes Lees When the Levees Broke highlights an ongoing theme of the Bush administrations lack of concern for American Citizens.  Take action against the bullshit you see in your country and your neighborhood and vote.

While you still have a chance.



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Hip Hop Aint Sayin Nuttin

Hip-Hop Aint Sayin Nuttin

Article By King D


We of the Hip-Hop generation come from the last century and are Old School.  We are the last of our breed.  We are the last to actually read newspapers, the last to use albums and tapes, and the last conventional students. 

The Hip-Hop generation has experienced crack and drug wars that lead to excessive penalties being handed down by the government.  Wile only 13% of the population; we represent 80%-90% of those in prison due to the misappropriated War on Drugs that resulted in removing our youngest and brightest to institutions. We were killing each other over street corners that werent ours.  Back then you either sold or bought. We watched our childhood friends turn into dope fiends never to recover. 

The Hip-Hop generation has suffered more so than any other current generation and is outnumbered almost 4 to 1 by the other two.  We have been through several wars that further depleted our numbers; the war on drugs, two wars in Iraq, Serbia, and a war on terror. Through all of this, we did not waver. 

Through the darkness we stood strong and that strength can still be heard in our music.  We demanded respect, beyond any reasonable doubt and were ready to die.  So much so we created a Genre that currently rules the world thanks to niggas that died for what they believed. 

We refuse to be bought or sold.  We refuse to believe what you say just because you said it. We demand quality.  We demand realness and that is our downfall.  Our numbers are too limited to make such a demand.  We are a minority operating from an unknown power base.

Although we created it, we are letting Hip-Hop slip through our fingerers due to being altruistic.  We argue that the bling bling and big booties do not accurately represent Hip-Hop.  We are talking so much while not realizing our opinions are being obscured in 15 seconds by the next hot thing.

We are beating the kids over the heads and not realizing all it takes is a click to silence us, in a world we created.  In our altruism we are forgetting that it is not about who delivers the message but, the message itself.  As the unsung leaders of the Hip-Hop Generation, it behooves us to consciously examine the current trends of our music and act accordingly before it becomes totally corporate controlled and we lose it like we did rock and roll.

All we have to do is stop demanding respect from those who do not know why they should respect us.  We have to come off our high horse and make generational music instead of selfish music.  Its not about you.  Give them what they want, not all but just enough to keep their attention to give them what they need.

Otherwise, you just talking.


King David


(c) 2008 Kings County


I am an American, what are you?


I am a Effing American

You heard me.  I am a effing American.  More so than the idiots that currently run this country and are ruining our image in the rest of the world.  I have only known terrorism perpetuated by the same country that has expressed a desire to eradicate terror in the rest of the world.  I am shamed by the actions of my supposed big brother.  The same big brother that until recently, considered me three fourths of a man. 

Yet, I am an American

Someone once asked me, if you so mad why do you claim US when it has done nothing but bastardize you?  My answer? Because I’m a F**king American.  I don’t know anything else.  My ancestors have been bleeding on these shores since before they called it a country. I was raised under a flag so threatened by me that it would see me burn in the hell of a penitentiary. It took me four hundred years to be called a citizen in a place my forefathers built with blood sweat and tears. 

And I am an American

Statistics show that roughly 33% of the population votes in any given election.  Of that 33% only half or 17% of those votes are needed to win.  Therefore a successful politician need only secure support from a small voter base of less than 20% in order to be affective.  Due to that statistic, we have seen all manors of atrocities committed by current and previous administrations simply because they are not required to pander to our votes to win.  Not only that; if all blacks voted @ 12-13% of the population, we would not be able to elect a representative without sufficient support from other demographics that seem to abhor us.

While all this seems daunting, I’ll be damned if I walk away from the only country I’ve known or let it go to the dogs under the guise of apathy.

I am an American

This country was founded under the premise of democracy.  Although a whole generation of our parents and grandparents fought valiantly in the 60’s for proper representation, many times the opportunity goes unutilized in our communities.  The right to vote and receive proper representation is the cornerstone of democracy and is taken for granted by many.

Arguably, blacks @ 12-13% of the population are very unlikely to dictate events on a national scale.  Nevertheless, our power is local. We directly elect local, state, and federal representatives.  These representatives are responsible for our wants and desires–as long as we vote. 

Not only do we directly employ local and state legislators by voting, when we do not vote, our representatives are not held accountable, and get away with murder.   Try it.  Whenever a constituent calls a politicians office, the first thing the office does is check to see if the person voted.  If you did not, it’s “eff you.” i.e. we do not need to keep you happy because you are not a constituent and therefore do not count.  Conversely, if you did vote, well then it’s “let us see what we can do.” i.e. we better keep you happy if we want to keep our jobs.  It is that simple.  If you vote then you count.  If you do not vote then you do not.

Voting is one of the prerequisites of our “free” society and is tantamount to democracy.  It is what makes America great.  It is the base of our society that will continue fail as it is currently if we do not utilize it. 

I am an American, what are you?

If you are then Vote in November for somebody.

Otherwise,  eff you.


King David


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